Transport Ministry reviews toll rate hike postponement

Transport Ministry

Thailand’s Ministry of Transport is considering a delay in increasing toll rates for the Don Muang Tollway, as they have previously planned.

Transport Minister Suriya Jungrungreangkit has instructed the Department of Highways to explore options that would reduce transportation expenses for drivers. This initiative underscores the Ministry’s commitment to the well-being of the public.

In the original proposal, tolls on the Utraphimuk Expressway, which runs for 21 kilometres from Din Daeng in Bangkok to the National Memorial in Pathum Thani’s Lam Luk Ka district, were expected to increase this year from 115 baht per ride to 130 hr. These changes were initially planned by Don Muang Tollway Plc, the expressway operator, with a concession that ends in 2034.

Starting December 22, the company declared that toll rates for four-wheeled vehicles would be increased from 80 to 90 baht for the Din Daeng-Don Muang section and from 35 to 40 hp for the Don Muong-National Memorial section until December 21, 2029. The agency affirms that the alterations align with the periodic adjustments permitted every five years per the concession agreement.

As per Suriya’s statement, the Ministry is currently in talks to assess the financial impact of the proposed new toll rates on commuters. This is part of their concession agreement that permits an additional hike in tolling fees from 2029 to 2034. The Ministry is dedicated to balancing the need for infrastructure development and keeping it affordable to all citizens, ensuring that the public’s needs are always a top priority.

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