Thailand Rolls Out “Dee-Delivery” Regulations for Shopper Protection


Prime Minister Jiraporn Sinthuprai has revealed his intention to introduce “Dee-Delivery” regulations to enhance the safety of online shoppers in Thailand.

The Royal Gazette will be updated with new guidelines in July, which Jiraporn stated will enforce stricter supervision for online transactions to reduce fraud and improve transparency. Delivery companies must provide detailed information about their employees and sellers, allow consumers to inspect products before paying, and give refunds within five days. Some delivery services may require customers to return items within 48 hours of receipt.

The OCPB is being subjected to complaints about unsolicited parcels that require payment on delivery. The new regulations address issues with refunding for returned goods. The new rules also require delivery firms to make five-day payments, giving customers time to review their purchases and return items if unsatisfied.

Full details about the sender and business, the recipient’s full name, and a tracking number are required for delivery services to allow consumers to verify deliveries and reject unsatisfactory items.

The “Dee-Dive” service, as per Minister Jiraporn, will make Thailand’s online marketplaces safer and more secure, ensuring a fair and safe shopping experience.

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