Pattaya to be included in Michelin Guide to Thailand in 2025


The eighth edition of the Michelin Guide to Thailand, which will be published in 2025, will include recommended restaurants and cafes in Pattaya and Chonburi Province.

Chonburi province will be featured in the Michelin Guide to Thailand in 2025, marking the eighth year of the Thai edition and the inclusion of the closest seaside province to Bangkok. Chonburi will expand the guide’s scope to encompass Thailand’s diverse culinary landscape, highlighting unique regional offerings alongside recognised destinations such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket.

Chonburi is the first province in the Eastern Region to be included in the upcoming guide, starting in 2018 with Bangkok and the surrounding areas. From 2019, the Michelin guide will expand to Phuket and Phangng. Chiang Mai will be included in 2020, Ayutthaya in 2022, and Isan in 2023. This year, the Michelin Guide Thailand will expand to include Samui Island and Surat Thani province.

The addition of the new region comes as no surprise, as Chonburi Province has outstanding character in terms of cuisine, culture, and landscape. Many foodies and travellers familiar with the province may have expected Chonburi to be included much earlier.

Chonburi’s inclusion on the list is solely the Michelin Guide’s decision,’ Nieche Siprae, deputy manager of marketing communications at the Tourism Authority of Thailand, told reporters.

‘Chonburi has a strong identity as a new destination in the guide,’ said Niche.

According to Gwendal Poulennec, international director of the Michelin Guide, Chonburi is the closest coastal province to Bangkok and boasts more than just stunning beaches.

During the video conference, Gwendal spoke about Chonburi’s diverse attractions, from cultural ones like the Temple of Truth to family-friendly ones like Khao Kheow Zoo. A lively nightlife, fresh seafood and beachfront restaurants further strengthen Chonburi’s appeal.

American travel and food blogger Mark Wiens seconded the opinion, praising Chonburi’s unique offerings, such as the 130-year-old Aung Sila market with dried seafood, rich, creamy Khao Lam, and sticky rice baked in bamboo.

‘I think of squid, Pu Ma, and also dried seafood. In Chonburi, there is a 130-year-old Aung Sila market where you can find dried seafood and Khao Lam, sticky rice baked in bamboo.’

‘Khao Lam can be found all over the country, but the one here is very hearty and creamy,’ the famous blogger noted. Viens believes the guide will help visitors, foreigners, and Thais discover the gems of the province’s culinary scene.

Just 80 kilometres from Bangkok, less than two hours drive except on public holidays, Chonburi offers something for everyone. Pattaya, Ko Lan and Bang Saen are for beach lovers, while culture lovers can explore the ‘Temple of Truth’. Families can have fun at Khao Kheow Zoo, and seafood lovers will find themselves in paradise.

The province’s inclusion in the Michelin Guide to Thailand 2025 is welcomed by Tourism Authority of Thailand manager Thapani Kiathphaibul, who emphasises the guide’s role in promoting Thai cuisine globally. The guide supports Thailand’s national soft power strategy, focusing on the five F’s (Food, Fashion, Film, Fight and Festival) to enhance tourism competitiveness.

Thapani reiterated the government’s focus on soft power, particularly culinary tourism, and mentioned the national plan to create ‘must-eat lists’ for all 77 provinces in Thailand.

‘Thailand’s rich and varied cuisine attracts tourists. The Michelin Guide is a trusted source of information for food lovers worldwide, showcasing a vibrant culinary scene and adding significant value to our tourism industry,’ Thapani said.

‘The inclusion of Chonburi in the guide benefits both the province and Thailand as a whole. Expect local gastronomy to be more widely recognised. Using regional ingredients will stimulate economic growth in the communities, and food quality and service standards will improve.

These factors, in line with Thailand’s Sustainable Tourism Initiative, will contribute significantly to the country’s overall economic well-being.’

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